If you have to say or do something controversial, aim so that people will hate that they love it and not love that they hate it.
- Criss Jami

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Legal: novel legal theory; good luck proving Trump’s mindset required – i.e., that he intended to lie and didn’t actually believe what he is saying (even though all evidence suggests he always believes everything he says, no matter how ludicrous)

Political: cements Trump’s hold on the primary. Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like’s Trump’s current lead, and this prevents any other candidate from getting enough attention to tackle that insurmountable distance.

The allegations are so broad that they would sweep in anyone with classified information. There are no allegations that Trump gave documents to others, just that he (ill advisedly) bragged about having them. We would assume any high ranked military official could also brag about knowing this information, but we are not charging them with these crimes. 

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