If you have to say or do something controversial, aim so that people will hate that they love it and not love that they hate it.
- Criss Jami

posted: Aug. 3, 2023, 3:39 a.m.

Legal: Over 1,100 people have been charged for Jan. 6. 560 defendants have been sentenced, and over 330 have been sent to prison. This is not a novel theory. While it is unique to have a leading politician facing so many federal charges, it is also unique to have a politician involved in so many alleged crimes!

Political: independent voters hate what happened on Jan. 6. Sure, this guarantees Trump gets the Republican primary. But it also makes a Republic win that much more unlikely in the general. Biden won partly because of Trump fatigue; this reminds the public how disgusted they were during Trump’s tenure and why Biden, despite his many pitfalls, is at least not Trump.

posted: Aug. 3, 2023, 2:49 a.m.

Legal: novel legal theory; good luck proving Trump’s mindset required – i.e., that he intended to lie and didn’t actually believe what he is saying (even though all evidence suggests he always believes everything he says, no matter how ludicrous)

Political: cements Trump’s hold on the primary. Nobody has lost a primary after holding a lead like’s Trump’s current lead, and this prevents any other candidate from getting enough attention to tackle that insurmountable distance.